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We appreciate your decision of using our Blog Designer Ads Plugin. Thanks you for purchasing Blog Designer Ads plugin for WordPress.

This document has been written in such a way that it can be easily understood by beginners as well as advanced users or developers.

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Blog Designer Ads
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Please extract that codecanyon downloaded zip in your local PC. There are 2 items inside it.

NOTE: Before installing Blog Designer Ads Plugin you must have installed ‘Blog Designer PRO’ plugin or 'Blog Designer', This plugin only works with Blog Designer PRO or Blog Designer plugin as an add-on.
  1. 1)
  2. 2)

You need to select that

1. Installation via WordPress Admin area

  1. Step 1. Login into your WordPress admin area.
  2. Step 2. Click on the left side plugin menu.
  3. Step 3. Now at top of the page, you can see Add New button, click on that button.
  4. Step 4. Again at top of the page, you can see/view Upload Plugin button, click on that button for next process.
  5. Step 5. Now upload the plugin zip file ( via drag and drop or direct file upload selection. After file selection, click on Install Now button and then click on Activate Plugin link.

Plugin Installation

Plugin Upload

Plugin Upload

Plugin Installation

2. Installation Via FTP

  1. Step 1. Extract the above selected zip file ( It will create 'blog-designer-ads' folder with all plugin files & folder inside it. (Remember this extracted folder path)
  2. Step 2. Using your FTP program like Filezilla or cPanel, upload the non-zipped plugin folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your server.
  3. Step 3. Go to Dashboard » Plugins » Installed Plugins page and find 'Blog Designer Ads' from plugin list.
  4. Step 4. Click on Activate to activate Blog Designer Ads plugin.
Before going to the detail document, preview the Quick Guide of the Blog Designer Ads.

Quick Guide

Quick guide will help you to easily create ads for your blog page in few easy steps within 1 to 2 minutes. However, you can set it up in only 2 steps. 3rd step is required only in certain conditions like ad settings from Blog Designer Settings

Please follow below quick steps.

Create a new Ad

Creating new ad just like you create posts or pages in wordpress.

Add New Ad

Ads Settings from Blog Designer PRO Blog Layout.

Product Support

1. Documentation 2. FAQ 3. Ask our experts 4. Customize The Plugin

Detail Document

Create a new Ad

  1. Step 1. Create New ad and give title like My Ads
  2. Add New Ad
  3. Step 2. Select Ad Type, It may be Plain Text/Code (Google Adsense etc.) or Image Ad
  4. First ad slide
  5. Step 3. If you select Plain/Tex Code then add code or plain text or you select Image Ad then add link and Image.
  6. Ad Type Image
  7. Step 4. Add another ad do same as above you already done. You can also set background color, font color, border, margin, padding etc. for your each ad.
  8. Color, Background, border
  9. Color, Background, border
  10. Step 5.Set start and end date/time for ad. or leave start time blank to show ad just after publish and leave end time blank to show ad always.
  11. Ad Date/Time
  12. Step 6.If you have added multiple ads then it will show as fade slider and you can set speed and timeout from slider setting.
  13. Ad Slider Settings
  14. Multiple Ads

Blog Layout Ads Settings in Blog Designer PRO

Ads Settings from Blog Designer PRO Blog Layout.
  1. Step 1. Go to Dashboard » Blog Designer » Blog Layouts
    Select a Blog Layout.
    Now, click on Edit and scroll down to find Ads Settings.
  2. Blog Designer Admin Menu
  3. Ads Setting Menu
  4. Step 2. To show ads select an option ‘Repeated’ or ‘Normal’.
  5. Ads Disable
  6. NOTE: If you select ‘Repeated’ then each selected ad will repeat after x number post. If you select ‘Normal’ then each selected ad will show after x number post (one time only)

  7. Step 3. Select 'Repeated'
  8. - Enable or Disable Random Ads
  9. - If Disable select ad which you want to repeat
  10. - Select number to repeat ad after x number of posts
  11. Ads Repeated Disable
  12. - If select enable then select 'Show Ad After' to show any random ads after x number posts
  13. Ads Repeated Enable
  14. Now Click on 'Save Changes' Button on top and you done with it.
  15. Normal Ads If you select ‘Normal’ ads follow below step

  16. 1. Click on Add New Button and select Random Ads option 'Enable' or 'Disable'
  17. 2. Select Ad (If Random Ads button disable)
  18. 3. Select 'Show Ad After' (to show ad after x number of post)
  19. Ads Nomral

  20. Congratulations..!! you have configured Blog Designer Ads plugin correctly.

Single Post Page Ads Settings in Blog Designer PRO

Ads Settings from Blog Designer PRO Single Layout.
  1. Step 1. Go to Dashboard » Blog Designer » Single Post Layouts
    Select a Single Post Layout.
    Now, click on Edit and scroll down to find Ads Settings.
  2. Blog Designer Admin Menu
  3. Ads Setting Menu
  4. Step 2. To show ads select an option ‘Enable’.
  5. Step 3. Select 'Random Ads'
  6. - Enable or Disable Random Ads
  7. - If Disable then select ad which you want to display ads
  8. - Select number to ads of posts
  9. - Select number to ads column to posts
  10. Ads Repeated Disable
  11. - If select enable then show any random ads
  12. Ads Repeated Enable
  13. Now Click on 'Save Changes' Button on top and you done with it.

Ads Statistics

Show each ad statistics.
  1. Go to Blog Designer Ads » Ads Status
  2. You can see ad statistics dashboard where you will find:
  3. a) Ads title
  4. b) Number of Views in table with total
  5. c) Number of Click in table with total
  6. Ads Status

Blog Designer Ads Features

  1. Image Ads Image base ads is easy to show where you have an option to add banner for advertisment and also have an option to assign particular link to each image. You can open link on same tab or new tab of browser.

  2. Plain Text/HTML Ads Plugin provides you html code editor to edit your ads content where able to add your custom html as well as add class and id for more customization of layout of ads to make more compatible with your blog posts.

  3. Google AdSense Ads You can display google ads also on your blog page.

  4. Yahoo and Bing Ads Plugin also support Yahoo and Bing Ads.

  5. Amazon Ads Plugin also allows to display amazon affiliate ads on your blog page.

  6. Other 3rd Party Ads There are many other third party ads provider. Plugin supports many of them. You just need to read their guideline, follow instructions and finally add provided code in Blog Designer Ad's code section.

  7. Show random/selected ads after each [N] posts You can display repeated random ads as well as you also set show ads after x number of post.

  8. Auto Ads Group If you add more than one ads inside one ad then it became group of ads and show those ads as a slider on front-end. You also have settings option for timeout and speed of slider.

  9. Responsive Compatibility You not need to worry about responsive issue with various devices, Blog Designer Ads plugin design such way it auto adjust with your blog posts layout and ads look perfect in all devices.

  10. Set campaign start and end date You can easily schedule an ads when start displaying an ads with date and time option in ads settings. You can stop ads displaying on particular date.

  11. Ads on blog page, other archive pages It also display ads not only on blog page but also on category, tags and other archive layouts which are created with Blog Designer Pro.

  12. Simple and Easy configuration Plugin provides easy configuration and ads settings, you do not need to involve and take 3rd party service to setup ads on your blog posts.

  13. Campaign stats including views Check about no. of clicks and views of different Ads on different pages for improvement and more profit.


Blog Designer Ads plugin is language compatible, thus can be translated into multiple languages. You can use POEdit plugin for translation.

  1. Step 1. Install Poedit tool and open it
  2. Step 2. Open .POT file from /wp-content/plugins/blog-designer-ads/languages/ that you want to translate
    .pot file editin in Poedit tool
  3. Step 3. Now, click on "Save"
  4. Step 4. A popup will appear, enter your Language code ( Ex :- "en_CA" for English (Canada)) in language option

    Translation property
  5. Step 5. Then select source path tab and you have to modify this path to full path of your plugin that you want to translate.

    Select path
  6. Step 6. Then press ok button.
  7. Step 7. Then give file name like this blog-designer-ads-en_CA.po for English (Canada) language.
  8. Step 8. Then save file inside language folder in plugin that you want to translate and all strings are appear in your poedit editor POT file
  9. Step 9. Select your string that you want to translate and in bottom side there are two options one is Source Text and another one is Translation Translate string
  10. Step 10. Source Text keep as it is and in Translation section enter your translated string of selected string that you want to translate and then save it.
  11. Step 11. Repeat step 10 untill your all strings to be translate.
  12. Step 12. Now you will get two separate files – a .po file and a .mo file.

    Note : When you save the files, you must name them according to your language code. Find a list of language codes at WordPress in your Language. For example, the language code for English (Canada) is en_CA, so you would save the translated files as en_CA.po and

    PO MO file
  13. Step 13. Then go to wp-config.php file then enter the below code.
    define('WPLANG', 'Your language code'); for Ex.(en_CA for English (Canada)) then save it.
  14. Step 14. Select language from admin side, Go to Dashboard » Settings » General in that check Site Language options.

    Select language
  15. Step 15. Check language prefix in front end, view HTML.

    Language prefix
For more about translating WordPress themes please visit the following link :


1. Can I use more than one ad in one blog page?

Yes, you can add more than one ad in one blog page.

2. How to show particular ads in blog posts without repeat?

You have to choose normal ads and disable Random from settings (under blog layout), now you can choose which ads you want to show as well as select x number of post.

3. Can I show an ad after each 5 post and so on?

Yes, select ‘Repeated’ from Ads Settings disable random option, select ads from drop down which you want show then set 5.

4. 3rd Party ads not showing or working?

Check there guideline to use ads, add required script in header or footer of your website then copy and paste ad script code, iframe in ad code area.

5. What is Blog Designer Ads seems related to ads but why ‘Blog Designer Ads’?

Blog Designer Ads is add-on plugin for Blog Designer PRO which is a popular wordpress plugin come with pre-build and customizable blog layout template, archive layout template etc. Blog Designer Ads enable ads features in those templates layout. It comes with various features which you read in features section.

Thanks for using Blog Designer Ads Plugin!

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