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We appreciate your decision of using our WPFileo Pro Plugin. Thank you for purchasing this plugin for your WordPress website.

This document has been written in such a way that it can be easily understood by beginners as well as advanced users and developers.

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WPFileo Pro
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Please extract that codecanyon downloaded zip in your local PC. There are 2 items inside it.

  1. 1) wpfileo-pro-document.zip
  2. 2) wpfileo-pro.zip

You need to select that wpfileo-pro.zip

1. Installation via WordPress Admin area

  1. Step 1. Login into your WordPress admin area.
  2. Step 2. Click on the left side plugin menu.
  3. Step 3. Now at top of the page, you can see Add New button, click on that button.
  4. Step 4. Again at top of the page, you can see/view Upload Plugin button, click on that button for next process.
  5. Step 5. Now upload the plugin zip file (wpfileo-pro.zip) via drag and drop or direct file upload selection. After file selection, click on Install Now button and then click on Activate Plugin link.

Plugin Installation

Plugin Upload

Plugin Upload

Plugin Installation

2. Installation Via FTP

  1. Step 1. Extract the above selected zip file (wpfileo-pro.zip). It will create 'wpfileo-pro' folder with all plugin files & folder inside it. (Remember this extracted folder path)
  2. Step 2. Using your FTP program like Filezilla or cPanel, upload the non-zipped plugin folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your server.
  3. Step 3. Go to Dashboard » Plugins » Installed Plugins page and find 'WPFileo Pro' from plugin list.
  4. Step 4. Click on Activate to activate WPFileo Pro plugin.
Before going to the detail document, preview the Quick Guide of the WPFileo Pro.

Quick Guide

Quick guide will help you to easily create folders in WordPress Media Library and orgnaize your files in few easy steps within 1 minute.

Please follow below quick steps.

Create a new Folder

Creating a folder just like you create folder in your Desktop.

Add New Ad

Manage Folders.

Product Support

1. FAQ 2. Ask our experts 3. Customize The Plugin

Detail Document

Manage Folders and Files

  1. 1. Create Folder: Click on 'Add New Folder' Icon
  2. Add New Folder
  3. 2. Create Sub-Folder: Select a folder or right click on a folder.
  4. You will see context menu
  5. Create New Folder
  6. Now click on 'New Folder' and you will see it will create a sub-folder
  7. 3. Rename Folder: Select a Folder then click on ‘Rename Folder’ icon from toolbar.
    Second option you have right click on a Folder and select ‘Rename Folder’ from context menu.
  8. 4. Delete Folder: Select a Folder then click on ‘Delete Folder’ icon from toolbar. Second option you have to delete a folder using right click on a folder then click on ‘Delete Folder’ from context menu.
  9. Delete Folder
  10. Now you will see an alert box with options ‘Delete’, ‘Move’, ‘Cancel’
  11. Move Files to Folder
  12. If you simple just want to delete folder then click on ‘Delete’ and folder will deleted.
    If you want move files of current folder to another folder then click on ‘Move’ and select desired directory, files will move and folder will be deleted.
  13. Move Files to Folder
  14. 5. Refresh Folder: To refresh folder right click on a folder and click on ‘Refresh’ from context menu list.
    You also have option hard refresh option, click on ‘Refresh’ icon from toolbar.
  15. 6. Add Color Folder label: Select a Folder then click on ‘Add Folder Color’ icon from toolbar. You will see color icon tool where you can select and add custom color and then click on ‘choose’ button.
  16. Folder Color
  17. 7. Sort Folder by Name: In toobar click last icon and you will see two option:
    1. Sort by ASC
    2. Sort by DESC
    After you click one of option you will see sorting of your folders in folder list.
  18. 8. Search Folders: You have option to search folder above file list where you simply type and it will auto show

Manage Files

To manage files follow below instructions
  1. 1. Move Files to Folder:
    Click on ‘Nonorganized’ menu below toolbar and you will see Media attachment in Media Library. Now you have to select a file and drag it to your desired folder.
    If you want multiple files into a folder then first click on list views then select all or fewer files which you want. Once you select files then drag those files to your #wp_fileo_features folder.
  2. 2. Move Bulk Files from one folder to another Folder:
    Right click on a folder (where from you want move files) then click ‘Move All Files’.
    You will see a prompt window to select folder, now select your desired folder and click ok button, all files move to selected directory.

WPFileo Pro Features

  1. Create Directory or Folder Creating a folder is easy as you create folder in your desktop. Create unlimited folders as well plugin provide features like context menu as you must have experienced with windows folder context menu to organize folder such as rename, delete, refresh.

  2. Create Sub Directory or Folders Plugin provide feature to create unlimited sub-folders in a directory like you create in your desktop as well as organize files/attachment with any format which show as folder tree view in sidebar of WordPress default media library with scroll bar.

  3. Delete Folder Delete a folder option show in right click context menu as well as top toolbar as well as you have choice move files in other directory during deleting a folder else all files move in non-organize category where you able to organize those files later.

  4. Rename Folder Give name a folder or rename it easy job as well as plugin have feature to prevent duplication of folders by auto assigning number with same name folder.

  5. Count Files Auto count files for each folder so you know how many files exist in a folder, it also count non-organize category and all file exist in WordPress media library.

  6. Folder Search and Sort Plugin provide you search folders as well as short according to their name in ASC and DESC order.

  7. Drag and Drop Here you can use of drag and drop for move files and folders to change their location. Select either single file or multiple and move to a folder using drag-drop feature.

  8. Organize and Color Label Plugin give you option to give a label color to each folder according to their category to better understanding and organization of your media type in media library.

  9. Bulk Move Files Move bulk files from one directory to another with 3 click without too much effort and it will move all files inside of that directory.

  10. Move file before deleting folder This feature allow you move files to desired directory before deleting folder.

  11. Move Back to default Category In case you want to reorganize files inside of a folder then you have the option to move back those files in the default category and then manage again according to your need.

  12. Fully functional in Media Light Box When you upload or select media attachment from a page or post WPFileo Pro also enable there so you able to access your desire media file.

  13. Color Scheme for Media Manager Plugin come with pre-defined color scheme for WPFileo Pro to set color for file manager according to your mode or which you like better.

  14. Adjust Media Manager sidebar width You can fixed width of Media Manager from WPAMM settings under Media Menu.

  15. Sidebar Position You have the option to move the sidebar of the WPFileo Pro Sidebar to the left or right.

  16. Safe and Secure Plugin not do anything with physical file of your wordpress neither change url value or add value in db, if you delete a folder then it will not remove real media attachment or effect any post, page wherever those file used.

  17. Support all MIME Type or file format You are able to organize all file type in a folder either its doc, pdf, png, jpg or any other file format supported by WordPress.

  18. Import Folder Import folders from Enhance Media Library and WMLF.

  19. Use in Page Builder WPFileo Pro compatible with most of the top page builders, Advanced Media manager easily accesses those builder media. It supports: Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, WPBakery Page Builder etc.

  20. Language Ready The plugin is fully translation ready and support for WPML, PolyLang as well as plugin use default wordpress taxonomy system so other plugin also able translate.


WPFileo Pro plugin is language compatible, thus can be translated into multiple languages. You can use POEdit plugin for translation.

  1. Step 1. Install Poedit tool and open it
  2. Step 2. Open .POT file from /wp-content/plugins/wpfileo-pro/languages/ that you want to translate
    .pot file editin in Poedit tool
  3. Step 3. Now, click on "Save"
  4. Step 4. A popup will appear, enter your Language code ( Ex :- "ca_CA" for English (Canada)) in language option

    Translation property
  5. Step 5. Then select source path tab and you have to modify this path to full path of your plugin that you want to translate.

    Select path
  6. Step 6. Then press ok button.
  7. Step 7. Then give file name like this wpfileo-pro-ca_CA.po for English (Canada) language.
  8. Step 8. Then save file inside language folder in plugin that you want to translate and all strings are appear in your poedit editor
  9. Step 9. Select your string that you want to translate and in bottom side there are two options one is Source Text and another one is Translation Translate string
  10. Step 10. Source Text keep as it is and in Translation section enter your translated string of selected string that you want to translate and then save it.
  11. Step 11. Repeat step 10 untill your all strings to be translate.
  12. Step 12. Now you will get two separate files – a .po file and a .mo file.

    Note : When you save the files, you must name them according to your language code. Find a list of language codes at WordPress in your Language. For example, the language code for English (Canada) is ca_CA, so you would save the translated files as ca_CA.po and ca_CA.mo.

    PO MO file
  13. Step 13. Then go to wp-config.php file then enter the below code.
    define('WPLANG', 'Your language code'); for Ex.(ca_CA for English (Canada)) then save it.
  14. Step 14. Select language from admin side, Go to Dashboard » Settings » General in that check Site Language options.

    Select language
  15. Step 15. Check language prefix in front end, view HTML.

    Language prefix
For more about translating WordPress themes please visit the following link : https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/functionality/localization/


1. Will files link change when I move files in newly create folder?

No, files or attachment URL will not change neither attribute files which you move in folders.

2. What happen to files if I delete a folder, Will file also deleted?

No, your file will safe and never delete using this plugin, file move to non-organized category which is located on top-second of sidebar.

3. How to search a file, it only search folder?

There is default search feature for file search in WordPress Media in right panel you can use it to search files and right search use for folders.

4. How to create a sub-folder?

Click on folder which you want to make parent folder then click on ‘Add New Folder’ from top toolbar or right click and you will see context menu where choose ‘Add New Folder’.

5. How to move all files from a folder?

Right click and you will see context menu, click on ‘Move All Files’ option, then you will see popup to select folder, select your desired directory and click ok your all files will move to your selected directory.

6. Will it affect my SEO settings for media images and other attachment?

No, this plugin neither change property, attribute of attachment nor URL of attachment.

7. What is Color Label provided in plugin?

Color label for folder make easy to organize by assigning color to each folder so it help user to better accessible.

8. Can I use plugin in my local language?

Yes, plugin come with translate ready as well as support for WPML and PolyLang.

9. Can I sort folders by their name?

Yes, you can access this features from toolbar, click or right icon to sort in ASC mode or DESC.

10. Can I use WPFileo Pro plugin with other media manager plugins?

Mostly it works also other media manager plugins but few may have problems due accessing same wordpress hooks and filters although WPFileo Pro plugins have all advanced features so you don’t need another plugin to install.

Thanks for using WPFileo Pro Plugin!

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